• Niharti Javantry Powder Jars - 30G

Niharti Javantry Powder Jars - 30G

  • £2.99

Mace is the aril (the bright red, lacy covering) of the nutmeg seed shell. The mace is removed from the shell and its broken parts are known as blades.

  • Mace aids digestion and also stimulates the appetite.
  • It can help relieve tiredness and fatigue and is a good tonic.
  • Mace can help clear up digestive tract infections.
  • When applied externally, Mace can ease rheumatic pains and clear up eczema.
  • Mace can relive intestinal gas and flatulence.
  • It can reduce vomiting, nausea and general stomach uneasiness.

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